Sir Duke Line Up - 8 to 11 Piece Band

The Band Lineup can vary, but typically consists of Vocalists, Trumpet, Sax, Trombone, Keys, Bass, Guitar and Drums.

Matt - Vocals

When Matt is on the gig, we are all in for a great time. Not only is he an experienced accomplished singer, he has also performed on the BGT Stage, with impressions & mirth.

Debbie - Vocals

Debbie is the bands Power House, with a phenomenal range that would put most popular singers to shame. 

Kelly - Vocals

Kelly is a vocal clinician. Technically faultless and makes Mariah, Mini and Ce Ce  sound acceptable.


Sir Duke has a 3 Piece Brass Section, with Trumpet, Sax & Trombone. Having these guys on Stage brings depth and punch to the bands sound. 

Back Line

Keeping the band tight and funky, is the Sir Duke Back Line comprising of Keys, Bass, Guitar and Drums. On special occasions, we include a percussionist which adds another musical dimension. 

Your Line Up

We can adapt the Sir Duke Line Up from an 8 Piece to an 11 Piece band to meet your Budget and Requirements.

In our view, the best Line Up is a 10 Piece Band with the 3 Vocalists and 3 Brass Players.

Just call to discuss, and we will be happy to help.

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